Wellness Retreats

Visualize peace.
Feel the calmness. 

Reunite back to you.
Then give of yourself
overflowing to others.

Wellness Retreats include: 

• Daily Group Yoga

• Daily Group Meditation

• Daily Raw Vegan Plant-based meals

• Daily Private Sessions by appointment

Where do you see yourself? 

• The mountains

• The beach
• Tropical paradise
• Surfing
• Hiking
• Gazing at art and architecture

Retreat Specs:

*I only teach Adults 18 and older. 

Each trip is uniquely crafted and designed
for the destination and
private group of individuals.
Please call to get specifics on
upcoming yoga and wellness retreats.

The Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Improve self confidence
  • Reduce stress, anger and anxiety
  • Let go of old negative thoughts
  • Lose weight
  • Experience better sleep
  • Increased productivity
  • Empower your relationships, teams
  • Expand your creativity
  • Create better eating habits
  • Learn how to eat clean
  • Kick out parasites, clear up your skin
  • Experience daily Peace
  • Let Go of medical labels, injuries
  • Let Go of trauma and abuse: sexual, physical, verbal
  • Discover being well
  • Move beyond where you are
  • Get flexible and feel strong
  • Connect with The Source
  • Meditate and Clear your Mind
  • Laugh and feel joy again
  • Repair and Redirect your Brain
  • Understand your Blocks
  • Step into your Ideal Reality 
  • Simplify your Life with order and ease
  • Share your Love and Help Others

Private and Group Teaching

What are you replaying in your mind? 

Daily practices help keep you on track:
"Sparkle Affirmations" 




What are you saying to your body? 

Come as you are.
We will "Breathe. Move. Relax. and LetGo." © 


What takes your breath away?

Create a foundation of breathing and meditation.

"Meditate with Me" 

"Body Battery"

"Reiki, EFT, NLP" 

"Bible study" 


Are you filled with loving kindness?

As humans, we operate on this simple spiritual law that Jesus taught: "Love one another as I have loved you. And, Love your enemies." 


Are you aware of what you put in affects what results?

Clean up your habits.
Raw, vegan, vegetarian.
Kosher, biblical diet.
Buy a new wardrobe.

Feel alive!


Are you supporting you?

Your home, office, car is an extension of you. 

"In Your Face"

"Get it Together” 


Has passion slipped from your life?






Are you in bondage?







Personalized VIP treatment beyond your labels. 


Can you admit you need help?

Be held accountable.
Learn new skills.

Build a new life.


Do you want more intensity?

Ask for our current private yoga, pilates, dance and barre teacher trainings.

Contact Us

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Private Sessions

Over the phone audio or video call.

Private in-person sessions locally in Baltimore county.

5004 Honeygo Center Dr #102, Perry Hall, MD 21128



I accommodate unusual hours: late evening, early morning, late afternoon by appointment. Willing to travel nationwide and internationally. Travel and expenses additional.

Monday - Friday: By appointment

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment


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