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Private Life Coaching

If you want to make God laugh, make plans. Learn how to live in the moment. Are you "All-In"?

Group Yoga Classes

Surrender and watch your life unfold before your eyes in mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul.

Wellness Retreats

Tap into beautiful environments that allow you to go within, go deep and go hard so you can win at your life.


Private Coaching


You might not believe my story.
Fit yogi and dancer athlete who had the most amazing life living her dream and then lost it.

MY PAST a terrible car accident, upheaval of suppressed sexual abuse and trauma and received intense awareness 4 years later and didn't know how to deal with the bad memories. Years of loss for 6 years being imprisoned by my own negativity and worry, gained an entire person's body weight to my already existing body, tried hard at determination, focused for periods of time, yet met with repeated failure, lost my successful business, experienced long period of clinical depression, was categorized as obese as 3X woman, was overmedicated, was hospitalized, had really bad relationships with men, had personal trainers that gave up on me, read multiple self help books and programs and was still stuck. I lost the love of my life and spent a few days in jail. I lost a family member to death and became a hermit. I failed me all over again. I emotionally ate to stop the pain. I looped in my head in overwhelm and frustration.

And then that small still voice said "Get up!" and "Keep going". "Breathe" "Move" "Relax" and "You are safe" "You are enough" "You are a Victor" "You are a Warrior" And I did. I gave it my all and over a period of time, I lost 167 pounds by training every day (BODY), eating smart (FOOD), putting in positive input (MIND) and focusing every day with reading, meditation, affirmations, visualizations (SPIRIT).

I found my way from chronic insomnia sleep study into brain mapping, cognitive skills training and was led to discover the power of brain retraining. I began to uncover what my limiting beliefs were, what had stopped me and I began to make massive changes in my mind, in my environment, in my habits, in my brain. And my entire life changed from depression to inspiration. 

 I am still a work in progress, AS WE ALL ARE. There is no perfect. I push myself forward to be more, to do more and to go further than I did yesterday. I am coached by other amazing coaches that inspire me to grow. And I can help you do the same if you let me guide you, push you and inspire you with your permission.

I AM are very powerful words.

I AM: 

Dot Connector
Life Coach

Yoga Teacher

Pilates Instructor

Dance Teacher
Health Coach
Raw Vegan Chef

Energy Worker
Thai Yoga Bodyworker
Tapping EFT, NLP, EAM

Private Trainer
Retreat Organizer


Advocate for Underdogs
Public Speaker
Graphic Designer
Tidying Expert
Organizer, Declutterer, Downsizer
Survivor, MeToo, Fighter
Believer in Possibility
Butterfly Transformer

Are you interested or committed?

If you are interested, you will do what's convenient.

If you are committed, you will do whatever it takes.

It is a simple choice, either you are ready and committed now or 

you are not.

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.

When you choose a Life Coach

You will be held accountable.
Your shit will come up.
You will want to quit.
You will cry.
You will learn new skills.
You will take action.
You will learn the art of repetition.

You will build a new life.
You will be glad to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs, fears, traps and crap.
You will vibrate at a new level and you will attract a whole new way of living and you will transform from that crawling caterpillar to that soaring butterfly.

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.

What are you replaying in your mind?
Share and get heard. Get accountability that will move you forward.

Daily practices help keep you on track:
"Sparkle Affirmations" 


"Brain Tips"

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


What are you saying to your body? 

Come as you are.
We will "Breathe, Move, Relax"© 

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


What inspires you to take action?

You will create a foundation of breathing and meditation.

"Meditate with Me" 

"Body Battery"

"Energy Treatments"
"Tapping, EFT, NLP, EAM" 

"Bible study"


Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Are you filled with loving kindness? Kindness rules.

As humans, we operate on this
simple spiritual law that Jesus taught:
"Love one another as I have loved you.
And, Love your enemies."  

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Are you aware of what you put into your body and that affects what results you see in your body?

"Clean Up Your Act"
"Detox Inside and Outside"
"Raw Vegan Vegetarian"
"Biblical Kosher"

"Get Moving"

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Are You supporting You?

Your home, office, car is an extension of you. Is your environment supporting you?
You will Let go of many items.
You will get fit.
You will buy a new wardrobe. 

You will Live your dream life. 

You can do this.

"In Your Face"

"Get it Together” 

"Live with me"

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Has passion slipped from your life?


"Brain Retraining"

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Are you in bondage to your story or excuses?








You will receive Personalized VIP treatment beyond your labels. 

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.


Do you want more intensity?

Ask for our current private yoga, pilates, dance teacher trainings.

If your excuse is "I don't have any money, then you really need to overcome your crap"
I offer transformation.
I offer payment plans.
I offer work study options with compliance to my standards.

Wherever you are in this moment,
regardless of your current circumstances,
doesn't matter.

The past is over.
You will rise up.
All you have is THIS MOMENT.

Choose your life.
Choose to live.
Choose to love yourself now.
Make the call.

Send the text.

Do it now.

Call or Text "COMMITTED" to
443-691-7444 to get started.

Brain Retraining

Group Training

It's all connected.
Everything affects everything.

Are you conscious of what's going on in your body, mind, spirit, soul and how that is affecting you personally, professionally, socially, financially, emotionally, intellectually, environmentally and spiritually? 

Are you allowing your performance and your company's bottomline to be  affected by unresolved underlying issues?

We offer onsite Group Training:

"Meditation Techniques"
"Meditate with Me"
"Prayer Circles"
"Body Battery  Meditation"

"Energy Treatments"
"Tapping, EFT, NLP" 

"Bible studies"
"Prayer & Meditation"
"Brain Retraining"


"Chair Yoga"
"Yoga Classes & Workshops"
"Pilates Classes & Workshops"
"Dance Classes & Workshops"
"Fitness Bootcamp Training"
"Abs Workouts and Circuit Training"

"Instructional Training"
"Communication Skills"
"Positive Affirmations and PMA" 

"VisionBoards and Manifesting"

"Eating Clean"
"Raw Vegan Vegetarian Food Prep"
"Biblical Kosher Eating"
"Grocery Shopping"
"Catered Dinner Parties"

Your home, office, car is an extension of you. 


"In Your Face"

"Get it Together”
"Life Design"

You will learn how to :

"Breathe. Move. Relax" © 

We serve Special Populations:







Become a Coach

Wellness Retreats

Visualize peace.
Feel the calmness. 

Reunite back to you.
Then give of yourself
overflowing to others.

Wellness Retreats include: 

• Daily Group Yoga

• Daily Group Meditation

• Daily Raw Vegan Plant-based meals
• Daily Art and Visionboarding
• Daily Group Coaching

• Daily Private Sessions by appointment

Where do you see yourself? 

• The mountains

• The beach
• Tropical paradise
• Surfing
• Hiking
• Gazing at art and architecture

Retreat Specs:

*I only teach Adults 18 and older. 

Each trip is uniquely crafted and designed
for the destination and
private group of individuals.
Please call to get specifics on
upcoming yoga and wellness retreats.

The Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Improve self confidence
  • Reduce stress, anger and anxiety
  • Let go of old negative thoughts
  • Lose weight
  • Experience better sleep
  • Increased productivity
  • Empower your relationships, teams
  • Expand your creativity
  • Create better eating habits
  • Learn how to eat clean
  • Kick out parasites, clear up your skin
  • Experience daily Peace
  • Let Go of medical labels, injuries
  • Let Go of trauma and abuse: sexual, physical, verbal
  • Discover being well
  • Move beyond where you are
  • Get flexible and feel strong
  • Connect with The Source
  • Meditate and Clear your Mind
  • Laugh and feel joy again
  • Repair and Redirect your Brain
  • Understand your Blocks
  • Step into your Ideal Reality 
  • Simplify your Life with order and ease
  • Share your Love and Help Others


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Classes & Events

  1. BREATHE "Get Grounded in your tailbone, feet, legs and consciously breathe deep" 
  2. MOVE "Create, express, feel passion in your hips, practice yoga, pilates, dance and make art and love"
  3. POWER UP "Feel your gut, Detox and EatClean, Create abs, become a warrior
  4. SERVE from your heart "Love your neighbor as yourself, Demonstrate integrity in thoughts, words and deeds"
  5. RELAX "Communicate kindness, compassion and authenticity with your voice by integrating body, mind and spirit
  6. FOCUS "Tap into all your skills and gifts and Live with intention, Thy Will Be Done"
  7. TRANSFORM "Become the Master of You and all that you are in God complete in the Source.
  8. SURRENDER "Forgive and Love more, melt into the Source, praise God Almighty with gratitude and thanks.
    ©YogaButterfly ©Ann Hyland. All Rights Reserved.

YogaButterfly offers:
• Private classes in Perry Hall MD
• Onsite to your home, office location.
• Corporate Group Trainings
• Outside Yoga

Call for a customized estimate for your group. We offer Self Pay options and Prepaid Contracts for Corporate clients.  For more details.

Business Growth

Upcoming Events

• Get Grounded Mountain Retreat Fall 2018 Text "MT"  443-691-7444 to register

• Yoga and Art Retreat in Spain, Spring 2019  Text "SPAIN"  443-691-7444 to register

• Wellness Retreat in Ireland Fall 2019
Text "IRELAND" 443-691-7444 to register

"Chair Yoga" 21236  Text "CHAIR"  443-691-7444 to register

"YogaBasics" 21236  Text "BASICS"  443-691-7444 to register

"Meditate with Me" 21236  Text "MEDITATE"  443-691-7444 to register

• Beach Yoga Retreat  Text "BEACH"  443-691-7444 to register

$200 deposit holds your spot for upcoming local retreats

$700 deposit holds your spot for upcoming international retreats as details are coming together for final pricing for hotel and transportation. 

Zelle Ann Hyland  443-691-7444
Paypal yogabutterfly@gmail.com

Call for more details.  443-691-7444

Lose Weight


"What I have to say could easily fill a book...but the short version is that Ann introduced me to and taught me something that would become one of the most powerful centering forces in my life: Yoga. She was everything I could ask for: patient, encouraging and inspiring, and I remain ever grateful for her wisdom and instruction." –Joe Natoli, Speaker UX

“Ann has a dynamic teaching style that is unlike what you would find at a typical yoga studio. She is knowledgable in many types of yoga practices and is thorough with her lessons. I highly recommend Ann as a teacher for anyone who is looking to deepen their yoga practice.”Katie Rose (client) Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

"I first started working with Ann in college. In the nearly eight years since, I am still reaping the tangible and powerful benefits of her instruction and coaching in my daily life and my work as an artist, teacher, writer, and small business owner (it's relevant and applicable everywhere you go)! Ann's meditation course gave me the tools and the insight to take on challenges that I might otherwise have avoided and to retain equilibrium in situations that might otherwise have proven overwhelming. On a more personal note, the techniques I was taught have been extremely useful in handling depression, anxiety, and difficult life changes. • As an instructor, Ann was always engaging, fun, and, most importantly, knowledgeable. She is fantastic at relating to her students on both a personal and professional level, and has a way of making even the most guarded people (like myself) feel very much at ease during her lessons. It was an absolute pleasure taking her class and working with her. I was a loyal attendee as long as circumstances allowed it (which was at least three years)." –Aleksandr Samoylov, Awesome Podcast Personality The Cloud Monster

"I began working for Ann in 2008. She trained me to be a yoga instructor. I have since taught in several different places to huge success, including running my own studio for a period of time, I have appeared on TV, and I am currently planning a retreat in Costa Rica. Our relationship began while I took her class and still continues today. " -David Kravitz, Data Scientist Mathematician at RAND

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If you book any Private Coaching package by Monday October 8,
receive a 10% discount.

Clean Up what is holding you back. If you book by October 8, save $50 on a 4 hour "Onsite Overhaul". Transportation additional.

Spark Joy

Seeking Video Volunteers

Seeking individuals for upcoming video and audio recordings...

• 12 sexually abused, traumatized, survivors, women and men to practice and learn yoga who agree to be video recorded

• 12 blind and/or visually impaired adults (men and women) for blind yoga to practice and learn yoga who agree to be video recorded

• 12 women who are overweight, obese or just want to lose a few pounds to practice and learn yoga who agree to be video recorded

Yoga Fitness FAQs

What do I WEAR?
For Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Fitness Classes wear athletic clothing that shows the body's lines, yoga pants, leggings, athletic bra tops, spaghetti strap tops, leotards, tank tops, zippered jackets, and flip flops/tennis shoes. Shoes must be removed at the entrance. Class is in bare feet. 

What do I BRING?
For Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Fitness Classes please bring your minimums 1) Yourself 2) Your Keys, 3) Cash/Credit.

For Visionboard and Art Workshops please bring your gathered materials. There are no shoes allowed in studio. Please bring socks/slippers.

For Detoxing and Eating Clean Workshops please bring your appetite.
There are no shoes allowed in studio. Please bring socks/slippers.

For Raw Vegan Potlucks, Biblical Kosher Events and Dinner Parties please bring index card with all ingredients of your dish labeled in black Sharpie marker for safety of all of our participants and for our visually impaired guests.


To get a FREE 30 minute Private Session by phone with Ann Hyland please subscribe. To get VIP tips on yoga, meditation, fitness, raw vegan plant based recipes, living simply and finding ways to just be. Join my newsletter.


Detoxing Eating Clean

As a Raw Vegan Vegetarian Chef and Health Coach, IARFCT, I demonstrate privately in my kitchen or onsite your location, how to Detox and how to Eat Clean. 

Favorite programs include "Smoothies", "Salads" and "Snacks". Call for more details  443-691-7444

Upcoming Raw Events

Raw Vegan Dinner Party, space for 12 seated dinner guests. Call for more details.

Green Smoothie Recipe

Scoop raw green grass powder
1 cup pure water
2 lemons with skin

2 green apples cored
2 T apple cider vinegar
1 T olive oil/almond oil/coconut manna
1 T ground flax
1 T ground chia
1 squirt liquid stevia
Blend Vitamix
Makes 2 servings.
Drink one now, pack one for later.

Protein Balls

Going Fast!
• Peanut Butter
• Ginger Cashew
• Chocolate Almond
• Tamarind Extra Spicy

 2 pack $4
4 pack $9
12 pack  $20

Pay me at cash.me/$yogabutterfly

Pick up in 21236 by appointment
Call  443-691-7444

Pay me at Cash.me

Seeking Assistant

Videographer as Intern
Multiple projects
Yoga videos

Raw food videos
Instructional Coaching videos

Call today 443-691-7444


Office Production Assistant

Part-time job

Filing, Data Entry, Scanning, Organizing, Setting up Events, Podcasting, Recording Video, Editing, Running Errands.

• Prefer Apple Mac experience and willingness to figure it out.  

• Individual who has initiative and can implement ideas into action is ideal candidate to work alongside small business owner.

Call today  443-691-7444


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Raw FAQs

Do I have to become 100% raw?
The simple answer is NO.

Start where you are subtract foods:
Let go of dairy, sugar, breads/carbs, heavy fats, wheat. Add healthy foods:
Eat Clean with greens, whole fruits and vegetables, superfoods.

I'm not comfortable detoxing or fasting.

Fasting and Detoxing gives the body time to rest, repair, heal, eliminate and let go of extra weight. Choose one day fast, 3 days, 7 days, 21 days, 28 days, 40 days. Detox more slowly over a period of months with special supplements and detox measures. Letting Go is part of growing strong.


To get a FREE 30 minute Private Session by phone with Ann Hyland please subscribe. To get VIP tips on yoga, meditation, fitness, raw vegan plant based recipes, living simply and finding ways to just be. Join my newsletter.

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Private Sessions

Over the phone audio or video call.

Private in-person sessions locally in Baltimore county or via video.


5004 Honeygo Center Drive, Suite 102-106, Perry Hall, Maryland 21128, United States



I accommodate unusual hours: late evening, early morning, late afternoon by appointment. Willing to travel nationwide and internationally. Travel and expenses additional.

Monday - Friday: By appointment

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment


Files coming soon.


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